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“We are business owners and long term colleagues of exceptional managers and team members.”

About Us

Tenth Avenue Holdings is a privately held, diversified holding company that operates and invests in privately and publicly held businesses as well as operates and develops commercial and residential real estate. Our capital is permanent as well as significant, making us an ideal and friendly environment in which to build and grow a company.

We founded Tenth Avenue Holdings in 2008 because circumstances provided us with an opportunity to combine our close friendships derived from years of having fun together with our desire to hang out together on a daily basis. Since our inception we have been able to start building an entity that we hope will have enduring value. Candidly, it will take another 20-30 years to find out exactly how we did. In the meantime, we are excited by the businesses we have started and partnered with, and by the people we have gotten to know and work with so far.

We believe that success comes from patience, focus and sticking to what we understand and feel passionately about. By aligning with strong managers who are willing to allocate human and financial capital efficiently and for the long-term, we aspire to create sustainable value, while maintaining a quality of life that fosters caring, honesty, integrity, family and fun.

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